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The nexar data, platform, network or standards can enhance your offering in multiple meaningful ways. This can create new avenues for unique insights, real-world signals, geo-spatial analysis, sales and marketing. It can also be a way to gain early access or discover combinations of nexar offerings that can bring unique benefits.

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Incorporate Nexar data and AI detections into your applications using our API. As a result, your customers can easily consume Nexar products within your applications.
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Have cutting edge data about the state of the physical world? Partner with Nexar to enhance your unique offering with additional unique data that can make your offering shine.Read moreRead more
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As drivers use dash cams to feel safe, see the road, access novel applications such as a parking finder and protect themselves, integrating a dash cam into your offering can be game changing. We’ll be happy to share with you where we see this trend going.Read moreRead more
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From collision insights to first notice of loss, our products capture 50% more collisions than other dash cams. Integrating the Nexar platform over your existing infrastructure and dash cams can make additional benefits available to your business and will require a light integration.Read moreRead more
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Interested in selling our market leading smart dash cams? Contact us to see how you can work with us to sell Nexar cameras in your ecommerce or retail outlet.Read moreRead more
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Join other Nexar fleets resellers offering Nexar's Fleet dash cam, Nexar One, and its unique safe driving capabilities. Offer high-res video, driver exoneration, collision reconstruction, driver coaching and cloud storage to the small fleets that want to upgrade their operational experience.Read moreRead more
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