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February Update: Our Top 5 Videos from Last Month

February Update: Our Top 5 Videos from Last Month

February kept us guessing. From people casually hanging out on the freeway, to a drift that almost ended badly, here are the top moments from last month.

Each month, we give you the videos captured by Nexar’s users that created the biggest buzz online. Some are just for fun, while others present serious safety concerns.

1. Slipping and sliding

Icy conditions are almost behind us, but until then, take extra caution while driving through the March frost.

2. A recipe for an incident

A huge truck reversing near a tiny convertible. What could go wrong?

3. Where is he going?

You know, because that’s a really safe thing to do.

4. Don’t try this at home

This could have gone way worse. We’re thankful it didn’t.

5. Airing out in SF

Operating a vehicle can be difficult, but the doors are just confusing.

And finally: a bonus video

Last month we hit the streets of NYC to talk to Nexar users in the professional driving biz. If you or someone you know is a rideshare or professional driver, please get in touch with us to learn about our program.