Maps vs. the ground truth in Phoenix, AZ: ready for autonomous driving? See Report
Nexar provides remotely access to updated property images

Nexar for real estate

Make Smarter Real Estate Decisions
with Nexar’s Streets API and Virtual Camera

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Remotely access and leverage recent and impartial property images, updating often, when and where you need them.

Fresh images so you can see for yourself

Go beyond dated real-estate images (or doctored ones) that may not represent the situation as it currently is. Nexar automatically updates with new, high quality images taken at different times of day, days or weeks ago. You can easily move through time for each POI, specific days of the week or times of day, to detect changes and get a better understanding of neighborhoods and environments.
Nexar’s cityStream helps getting a better understanding of neighborhoods and environments

The ground truth, at your fingertips

Compiling imagery using contracted photographers and third party databases is costly. It also takes time and requires waiting 24-48 hours. Instead, access our data, with trillions of images in our database, with millions more added each day.

Easily access neutral images, track neighborhood evolution, see sites outside business hours, change over time or make use of computer vision to see assets by certain characteristics.

Easy to use,
fits well in your workflow

Nexar images are precisely localized. We can tell you - within meters - where an image falls on the map. Then, we use computer vision to extract valuable insights around real-time events and conditions. In other words, we can tell you where an image is and what’s happening in that image, at scale.

Images are easily consumable via an intuitive web interface or API - just specify the location and start receiving high quality images w/ supporting metadata, through Nexar Streets or Nexar Virtual Camera.
Nexar provides valuable insights of the footage location and real-time events

Visual Data

Dash cam users contribute data, images and video of the world

Fresh Data
and Images

Frequent use ensures a constant stream of up to date vision

A Source of
Competitive Advantage

Our unique data can be just what you need to stand out from the competition


We see the world just like humans do, not like a traffic camera

through time

Our constant vision stream lets you check what happened in the past

of users

Our data is always anonymized and compliant, so the source of an image, license plates, faces, etc. cannot be identified