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Crowd-Sourced, Real-Time Insights for Automated Driving

Nexar Behavioral Maps

Rich, nuanced, analytical evidence based on crowd-sourced insights to improve and humanize autonomous vehicles

The Need

Humans drive based on their understanding of the environment and adjusting to road conditions, visibility, safety, comfort, local driving culture, and more. Consider stop signs: for any sign and its accompanying stop line, drivers decide where to come to a complete stop. This also relates to acceleration and deceleration, turning corners, and other actions. Highlighting human behavior per road segment and overlaying it on a map enables AVs to understand, among other scenarios, where a lane change is common practice, or when deceleration is taking place when cornering.
The world as it is, ready for training

Driver Behavioral Maps

Driver behavioral maps are informed by crowd-sourced driving insights into different road segments, driver types, weather, and other road conditions. AVs can thus better understand, measure, and benchmark safety-related behavior (stop lines, school zones, etc). They are also able to drive better, based on road conditions, visibility, and more. Driver behavioral data captures information about actual human driving and overlays it on a base map for autonomous and assisted driving.

Better Training and Deployment

In-depth insight into how other vehicles drive allows AVs to “see” what’s ahead - resulting in improved training, better understanding, as well as effective measuring and benchmarking of safety-related behavior. This is amplified by data related to the local driving culture - analyzing prior probabilities of the dynamic part of an area for improved motion prediction and planning.
The world as it is, ready for training

What’s inside?

  • Speed Distribution
  • Acceleration Distribution
  • Turn Probability at Intersection
  • Switching Lanes Probability
  • Overtake Probability
  • Virtual Stop-lines
  • Virtual Cross-Walks (jaywalkers)
  • Double-Parking
Driver Behavioral Maps

Nexar’s Data

Nexar’s data is based on its dash cam network, offering the US’s best-selling smart dash cams. Our sources for driver behavioral data are diverse: Nexar is used by both commercial and ordinary drivers - at all hours of the day, on different road segments, and in varying weather conditions.
Nexar dash cam detects a stop sign