Monitor Road Inventory
remotely and frequently

Monitor Road Inventory
remotely and frequently

Use the power of Nexar’s dash cam network
& AI for better management of road assets

What is Road Inventory?

With CityStream Road Inventory you can detect, monitor, and map traffic signs & signals. Nexar automatically detects traffic signs using Artificial Intelligence in our dash cams and application. Recent images of these detections are then aggregated, localized and mapped so you can remotely monitor them.

DOTs, cities and government agencies can easily & remotely:

Improve asset planning & design

With fresh visual data from your roads, you can better monitor & plan changes to your roadway inventory.

Monitor Road Inventory condition

Review and get alerted of changes in the state of your assets so you can rapidly fix any missing signs and improve the safety of your roads.

Mapping, rideshare, and logistics companies can:

Keep your maps
up to date

Get CityStream Road Inventory data via an API so you can keep your maps fresh and up to date with the changes happening in the roads.

Improve your navigation with better road data

Help your users get to their destinations faster by having the freshest roadway data.

How does it work?

Dash cams
collect images

Nexar dash cam users anonymously contribute images from their drives

AI detects
CityStream road inventory

Nexar uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence on the dash cams and app to detect road assets

on map

These detections are aggregated, localised and put on a map, making monitoring of changes easy