Nexar provides AI‑based data for collision reconstruction


Get the insight to make better decisions:
AI‑based first notice of loss and collision reconstruction

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Nexar-powered dash cams change how you deal with collisions, know they happened and will ensure a better and safer experience for your drivers.

One Click Report™

Nexar’s One Click Report™ allows users to easily report accidents to their insurer through the Nexar app. By joining the One Click Report™ ecosystem, insurers can receive accident video and sensor data (location, speed and g-force) to their claims inbox in an easy-to-read PDF report.
Nexar’s app allows users to easily report accidents to insurers

AI-Enabled First Notice of Loss

Nexar’s First Notice of Loss system uses a combination of accident detection algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect and report accidents to insurers within minutes of an event occurring. By utilizing ~5 years of data, Nexar is able to train and deploy robust detection models that can detect an incident as small as, and unfortunately as common as, a fender bender.
Nexar uses artificial intelligence to immediately detect and report accidents to insurers

Collision reconstruction

Collision Insights utilizes sensor data and camera video to reconstruct accidents. By offering a detailed reconstruction, Nexar provides drivers and claim adjusters much needed context and a source-of-truth to resolve claims quickly and efficiently.
Nexar provides a detailed collision reconstruction based on sensor data and camera video

Visual Data

Dash cam users contribute data, images and video of the world

Fresh Data
and Images

Frequent use ensures a constant stream of up to date vision

A Source of
Competitive Advantage

Our unique data can be just what you need to stand out from the competition


We see the world just like humans do, not like a traffic camera

through time

Our constant vision stream lets you check what happened in the past

of users

Our data is always anonymized and compliant, so the source of an image, license plates, faces, etc. cannot be identified