See, prioritize and act. Images and insights to make sense of the real world.

Images and insights to
make sense of the real world.

See, prioritize and act.


CityStream uses trillions of images received from the Nexar dash cam network to produce insights that help you make better decisions. Using cutting edge AI, both in our smartphone apps and on the cloud, CityStream analyzes frames and gets you actionable data from the physical world so you can make better decisions.

Introducing crowd‑sourced vision

Dash cams
collect images

Users contribute anonymous images and videos of the world

Fresh images
and detections

Unique collection of imagery and AI to make sense of the data

In context
and localized

Images and detections are accurately located, for context and time-based change detection


Our data products

Nexar Streets

Access fresh imagery by location and address, using Nexar’s CityStream interface or using one of our partner integrations.

Road Inventory

With Road Inventory you can detect, monitor, and map traffic signs & signals. Nexar automatically detects traffic signs using Artificial Intelligence in our dash cams and application. Recent images of these detections are then mapped so you can remotely monitor them.

Work Zone

With CityStream Road Work Zones you can detect, monitor, and map all CityStream Road Work Zones in your area of interest. Nexar automatically detects barricade elements in work zones using Artificial Intelligence in the dash cams and application. Recent images of these barricade elements are then aggregated, localized and mapped into CityStream Road Work Zones so you can remotely manage them.

Virtual Camera

With Virtual Camera you can explore the physical world with the most up‑to‑date ground‑level imagery in existence. Frames from the Nexar network are made accessible on a map so that you can easily pick any location of interest and place a “virtual camera” around it so you can monitor it remotely.

Our Coverage


Total Driven


Total Miles
per Month


Images in
Neural Library

Visual Data

Dash cam users contribute annonymized and aggregated images and video of the world

Fresh Data
and Images

Frequent use ensures a constant stream of up to date vision


We see the world at street level, not from above


Our AI detections tell stories so you can identify what matters, prioritize and act

through Time

Our constant image stream lets you go back in time to inspect the same object

of Users

Our data is always anonymized and compliant, so the source of an image, license plates, faces, etc. cannot be identified