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Nexar’s fresh street images help creating better maps

Nexar for mapping

Enhance, update and make better maps
with fresh street images

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Go through real world imagery and use AI identification and change detection - to make maps better.

Update your basemaps for better navigation

Nexar continuously updates with new, high quality images throughout the year. Easily access street sign data and other navigation related data, and add them to your navigation experience with the confidence the data is accurate and up-to-date.
Using Nexar’s data, you can optimize routing through awareness of changes to signage, road blockages and changes to lanes and more.
Nexar upgrades navigation experience with up-to-date data

See why vision data is best for map updates

Imagery-based detection ensures all traffic signs are captured, “seeing” more than telemetry-based solutions and ensuring 100% detection. Imagery also allows you to see more than Stop signs, such as Speed Limit signs which can be valuable to your users’ navigation experience.
Nexar provides accurate vision data

See everything for yourself

Using imagery, you can verify the existence of a sign or marking, simply by opening the image and inspecting it. You can save the images you’ve reviewed as a record to prove the veracity of the map.
Nexar’s CityStream verifies road signs’ existence

Visual Data

Dash cam users contribute data, images and video of the world

Fresh Data
and Images

Frequent use ensures a constant stream of up to date vision

A Source of
Competitive Advantage

Our unique data and AI detections, including change detection, are truly different


We see the world just like humans do, not like a traffic camera

through time

Our constant vision stream lets you check what happened in the past

of users

Our data is always anonymized and compliant, so the source of an image, license plates, faces, etc. cannot be identified