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May Update: Our Top 6 Dashcam Videos From Last Month

May Update: Our Top 6 Dashcam Videos From Last Month

Once again we highlight the incidents captured by Nexar’s users that created the biggest buzz within our community.

It’s that time again. Your monthly fix of dangers, ridiculous antics, and bad driving on the road captured with Nexar. Some of these dashcam videos are just weird or funny, while others are present serious problems and can teach us important lessons.

1. Jay-jumping

New York City is known for jay-walking, but this takes it to a whole new level.

2. Jay-biking

Considering the wet conditions and the busy traffic, this driver (and the cyclist!) got lucky.

3. An unfortunate crossing of paths

Sometimes, the collision finds you. That’s why a dashcam is never a bad idea.

4. T-boned cyclist

The driver involved in this collision actually saw the video on our Facebook page and left a comment.

5. Near-miss at high speed

Reckless drivers can bring scary situations like this to you in an instant. It’s a good thing this particular event didn’t result in something worse.

6. Runner crosses red — literally

We’re not entirely sure what was going through this runner’s head. If you have an idea, check out our Facebook page and join the conversation.

In the meantime, drive safely!