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March Update: Our Top Videos from Last Month

March Update: Our Top Videos from Last Month

Your monthly fix of dangers, ridiculous antics, and horrible driving on the road captured with Nexar.

Each month, we present the videos captured by Nexar’s users that generated the most buzz and the biggest reactions. Some are just for fun, while others present serious safety concerns.

In March, we witnessed a range of bad behaviors and unfortunate events, involving cyclists and drivers alike. Let’s dig in:

1. Getting doored

Some cyclists deserve protected bike paths to protect them from real dangers, like getting doored…

2. Between a rock and a hard place

…and other cyclists need protected bike paths to protect them from themselves.

3. Spinning out of control

In an instant, cars and their drivers can go from fellow passengers on the road to dangerous obstacles. Luckily, this one just ended humorously. That poor sign…

4. A game of traffic cone

We don’t think cars were built to play kickball, so let’s hope this is the worst thing we’ll find on the road this month.

5. What just happened

Okay, so this is much worse.

6. Cuddle puddle

Sometimes, distractions on the side of the road can turn innocent rush hour traffic into a regrettable car sandwich. While it’s true that Nexar only captures video out of your vehicle’s front window, we do use your phone’s sensors to “feel” a collision from any side of your car. Then, we can use the sensor data to reconstruct the collision in a free report that you can use in the insurance claims process. Get rear-ended? Now you have proof.

7. Sometimes things get complicated

For most of us, traffic lights aren’t confusing. But you can’t control who is behind the other wheel, so it’s important to be extra cautious. Technology can help.

8. An unwelcome surprise

And when you can’t avoid a crash, having dashcam evidence on your side can be crucial. Which brings us to our last video…


…Because some drivers will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, and pushing the blame on you.

Especially professional and rideshare drivers, who make a living bringing people from point A to B safely. With each trip, these drivers expose themselves to life-threatening situations and, sometimes, manipulative drivers who might wrongly blame them. Luckily for Mario, he had Nexar onboard.

You can take a step in protecting yourself today by downloading Nexar for free on Android or iOS.