Using dash cams for better
insurance outcomes and service

Using AI on top of dash cam footage provides better service to customers,
and makes the claim adjustment process faster and more accurate

Dash cams come in many different sizes and shapes, from basic recording devices to smart cloud-connected dash cams that automatically create clips and store them on the cloud, and even inform drivers when their car is being tampered with or hit while parking. The potential of dash cams is much more than video evidence, since they can transform the collision reconstruction and claim resolution process.

Why Nexar?

Nexar-powered dash cams detect 90% of accidents and immediately create a detailed record of the incident. Users can submit a report in one click, with the correct event video and additional data including sensor output and location. Using this data, Nexar also provides a detailed reconstruction of the accident, with a step by step textual analysis of what happened, powered by AI. Our accident reconstructions contain valuable, contextual data for claims adjusters to understand the causes of an accident and speed the resolution and liability adjustment process.

Reduce Claim Ambiguity & Loss Adjustment Expense

Using Nexar’s collision reconstruction means that claims adjusters don’t need to comb through videos and infer what happened, since most of the groundwork is already done by Nexar. Each reconstruction includes a second-by-second timeline reconstruction with driver behavior (e.g. speed and braking data) and reduces the chances of error or wasted dispute time. Most importantly, quick resolution also ensures a better dialogue with the insured, based on a visual ground source of truth.
Screenshot Nexar Collision Insights



Supporting one-click reports, a video FNOL, with all information localized and in-context.


Collision Reconstruction (1st party)

Showing the collision on a map, sync and show all relevant sensors on collision timeline, automatically create an inferred timeline textual description.


Scene Reconstruction (3rd party)

All-party bodily damage verification, counterparty vehicle damage, distance, speed, presence of traffic lights, signs etc.


Settle claims in a quick, automated and cost effective manner with one source of truth

Improved quality of adjudication and consistency across adjusters, ensuring they follow your defined business rules

Optimize the claims process from claims intake to resolution

Provide better customer service with faster claims decisions while reducing expenses

Works for existing dash cam programs

Our detection, damage assessment and reconstruction capabilities can cover any connected camera, enabling collision reconstruction for all insurers with a connected camera program. You can aggregate and search across all videos using your driver metadata, without download, IT or storage issues, reduce the time to determine cause of collision, insured liability and validate the intake call using data from the dash cam (accident location, impact direction, vehicle speeds and more). Nexar’s platform can also be seamlessly incorporated into your FNOL and adjustment processes.