Nexar Collision Insights

See more collisions, understand
and reconstruct for faster resolution

Nexar Collision Insights

What is Nexar Collision Insights?

Nexar-powered dash cams enable the detection of 90% of accidents versus 70% for the standard device. Using this data, Nexar provides a detailed reconstruction of the accident, with a step by step analysis. Our accident reconstructions contain valuable, contextual data for claims adjusters to understand the causes of an accident.

How does it work?


Dash cams send IMUs to Nexar’s cloud based detection algorithms


Nexar’s AI model determines whether a collision occurred


In case of a collision, Nexar requests additional data for verification


A FNOL is sent within minutes to the adjuster and the insurer


Nexar provides detailed collision reconstruction to the adjuster


Nexar provides detailed collision reconstruction to the adjuster

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Our technology provides:

  • more and faster FNOLs
  • easy-to-understand analyses
  • thorough collision evidence

The result is superior customer experience, more accurate liability decisions and faster claim resolutions.