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December Update: Our Top 6 Videos from Last Month

December Update: Our Top 6 Videos from Last Month

This time we have dancing cops, pileups, and some insane road rage. Here are our last top moments for 2016

Each month, we present the videos captured by Nexar’s users that generated the most community buzz. Some are just for fun, while others present serious safety concerns. In the case of the latter, we’ll discuss how a community of drivers equipped with Nexar can help.

1. Dangerous Merging

In NYC, if you give an inch, they’ll take a mile. Aggressive merging like this puts lives at risk, so it’s a good thing that Nexar’s AI analyzes driver behavior and alerts you if someone ahead is driving dangerously. Check out the heated reactions this video got on our FB page (and follow us to get more content like this)!

2. Extreme Road Rage

This footage gave us goosebumps. We hope clips like this highlight the importance of equipping your ride with a dashcam.

3. Dancing Traffic Cop

We love the character of this cop. Hopefully she can calm down some of NYC’s road rage with her shimmying.

4. Synchronized Cab-Driving

Dancing cabs aren’t nearly as charming as dancing traffic cops, and are much more dangerous.

5. Watch out for the pileup

Imagine: You’re cruising down the freeway, traveling with the flow of traffic around you. The next thing you know, the car ahead of you slams on their brakes and you join a pileup in the course of milliseconds.

This scary situation is why Nexar’s solution, based on sensor fusion and your phone’s camera, is so crucial to your safety. Nexar can detect sudden changes in vehicles’ behavior, even multiple cars ahead. If something happens, the app immediately warns you to slow down, and will send the message to other Nexar users behind you, too. This connected warning system has the power to eliminate pileups from our freeways.

6. New York Moments

Enjoy this video, Happy new year and drive safely!

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