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COVID-19 Nexar Mobility Report

COVID-19 Nexar Mobility Report

Over 50-thousand commuter and professional drivers across the US utilize Nexar’s intelligent, connected dash cam system, capturing over 60-million miles per month. Nexar extracts and refines the dash cam footage using advanced AI and combines it with mobility data to deliver meaningful, real-time insights with supporting ground-level imagery.

In recent weeks, we’ve observed material changes in US driver activity on a city- and state-level as social distancing guidelines are increasingly relaxed. These mobility trends help us understand key facets of regional economic recovery. When coupled with real-time, ground-level imagery, analysts and governments can make informed, high-conviction decisions about anything from public health initiatives to investment allocation.

Today, we’re releasing our first-ever Nexar Mobility Report below.

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Contact: Jack Killea, Data Sales Director, jack.killea@getnexar.com