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Nexar acquires Veniam to open unlimited possibilities for a new breed of data-rich mobility applications

Nexar acquires Veniam to open unlimited possibilities for a new breed of data-rich mobility applications

I’m very excited to share that Nexar is acquiring Veniam, a Portugal-based company who is a leading provider of intelligent networking for the internet of moving things.

This is a big deal for us, being our first acquisition, and I wanted to share the importance of this step for the future of Nexar and for the future of the mobility industry’s data stack.

Nexar, today, is the largest collector of vision data from vehicles in the US. With half a million vehicles worldwide, and hundreds of millions of miles per month in the US alone, Nexar is collecting today Petabytes of imagery and detections about the changing world, which are used to map the roads, monitor infrastructure, and alert vehicles in real time.

Veniam, on the other hand, has built over the last decade a technology stack that allows for the effective utilization of multiple connectivity channels such as cellular, Wifi, Mesh and others, by moving vehicles. It allows for the seamless upload of massive amounts of data from vehicles, as they move, in real time, and with a much lower cost than just utilizing traditional cellular allows.

Over the years, Nexar has figured out how to scale this endeavor in a cost effective way, and today, in partnership with Veniam we would like to provide these capabilities to other vehicle networks, fleets, and automotive OEMs.  

This partnership will allow Nexar to offer OEMs and mobility players a bundled platform that will allow for the accelerated adoption of crowdsourced vision applications. Many data applications are already powered by Nexar’s platform, including applications helping to train autonomous cars for extreme driving scenarios, map out the changing road infrastructure, monitor in real time locations of construction zones & available street parking, identify roads in need of repair, and many more.

This step joins our recent announcement together with the AECC (Automotive Edge Compute Consortium) of the deployment of a POC in Japan showcasing their new reference architecture, centered around Nexar’s Nexagons standard - a project we have done together with our partners KDDI and Oracle. You can watch a video of this project here.

This is just the beginning.