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Nexar releases first-ever AI vision technology to reconstruct car accident scenes

Nexar releases first-ever AI vision technology to reconstruct car accident scenes

Using video footage captured by on-board cameras, Nexar’s technology provides drivers and insurance companies with a detailed reconstruction of the actions of all parties involved in a collision

Nexar, a leading AI computer vision company, announced today the release of the first-ever collision reconstruction platform using raw camera data, on-board sensors, and deep learning AI algorithms. The technology allows insurance companies to immediately dispatch assistance to the scene of the collision and to have a full visual reconstruction showing the role played by all parties. The scene reconstruction also speeds up the insurance claim process and helps adjusters accurately determine liability. Nexar has already deployed this technology with Japanese insurance giant Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSI) to hundreds of thousands of drivers equipped with in-car cameras.

Nexar’s technology provides an automatically generated, vivid, reconstruction immediately after a collision. The accident is shown on a map, accurately locating all cars involved, including third parties, using the input of camera footage and motion sensors. The algorithm also creates a textual timeline of the collision that is written using AI. This full reconstruction and telling of what occurred is greatly beneficial to insurance customers since claims are resolved speedily without the need for lengthy investigations. The collaboration between MSI and Nexar will include third party scene reconstruction, determining the counter-party distance, speed, and any relevant road signs or traffic lights.

The partnership with MSI is part of the Japanese insurance provider’s focus on using advanced technology to receive first notice of loss (FNOL) more quickly in the event of an accident, as well as insurance claims after a collision has occurred. A high percentage of Japanese drivers use dash cams for peace of mind and those cameras are connected to their insurance providers.

“As on-board cameras become the road standard, the data and footage captured has endless potential to improve the driving experience and the roads we drive on,” said Eran Shir, founder and CEO of Nexar. “Being able to accurately recreate a car accident with the use of footage captured by dash cams is a game changer for car owners, fleets and insurance companies alike,” Shir adds.

About Nexar:

Nexar-powered dash cams enable new vision-based applications for better driving. When drivers pair Nexar-powered dash cams with the Nexar app, they join a network that powers new applications for driving and seeing the world. Using anonymous, aggregated data captured from this network, Nexar has developed a portfolio of vision-based data services for public and private sector partners to make roadways safer and more efficient. For automotive companies, dash cams are a gateway to a new era of connected services and new killer apps for drivers, from finding a parking spot to vision-based services. For insurance companies, using dash cams can change the customer experience in case of an accident and deliver financial and process benefits.

More information at: data.getnexar.com