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The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

We started Nexar because we believe in several things that few people do.

We believe that you don’t have to wait for self driving cars to put a real dent in the 1.3M annual road fatalities. In fact, we believe all of the technology needed to stop most of the accidents happening today is already here.

We believe that you don’t need expensive $30K sensors, dedicated networks, or specialized hardware to do that. In fact, your smartphone will do just fine, thank you very much, assuming you’ll hook it up to your cell network, alongside many other smartphones around you.

Moreover, we believe that both driver behavior and car insurance practices can be dramatically changed in a short time scale.

We started Nexar also because we believed in a few things which we now have shown to be true.

We believed we will be able to fully reconstruct an accident with just the imagery and sensor data from a single smartphone. We proved it and are building a totally new insurance claims process as a result.

We believed that we will map & analyze a city, its roads, and its cars, with just a small sliver of the drivers, and are releasing today a first report which covers the most dangerous driving zones in San Francisco.

We believed we will be capturing an endless stream of incidents and accidents in no time, and we most definitely proved that.

In the past four months we have been running a private beta program with a group of pro drivers in San Francisco, tracking over 100K Miles per week, and capturing thousands of road incidents (including e.g. over 800 red light runnings). Today we are embarking on a new phase of our journey, and are releasing Nexar to the App Store. We want all drivers on the road to have the same level of protection as Reggie, one of our SF pro drivers, who was hit by a car driving home one night.

Accident Reconstruction

Using Nexar, Reggie had a video of the accident that he could share immediately. But he also had a full and accurate reconstruction of the accident, millisecond by millisecond. In fact, our accident report also included the projected impact on the car, and force exerted on Reggie, so that he could prove exactly what impact the car and him suffered. Think of all of the times you heard of or were involved in disputes concerning an accident. We want to make that a thing of the past.

But we’re not stopping there. As we want to prevent accidents in the first place, we will soon be introducing smart warnings, in an effort to reduce the probability of accidents. We want to warn you before you get into dangerous intersections. We want to alert you when approaching potholes, especially by night, or in the rain. We want to make you aware of a car braking hard five cars ahead of you, so that you can change lane with enough time, and avoid a potential chain accident. We want to warn you when you drive next to a car that has been seen driving recklessly in the past.

Today, we are so excited Nexar is finally out, and you can join our network, and start protecting yourself and others, on the road. There’s a long road ahead, but together, we can make it safer.