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November Update: The Top 6 Videos captured with Nexar

November Update: The Top 6 Videos captured with Nexar

This Month our users recorded a range of activity: From a motorcycle collision, to a case of road rage that turns violent, take a look below for November’s craziest moments.

Each month, we post a select few videos captured by Nexar’s users on the road. We briefly discuss the safety issues they present, and how a community of drivers equipped with Nexar’s AI is especially fit to handle these situations and make our roads safer. Here are November’s top videos:

1. Cyclist T-Bones Motorcyclist

In this clip, a cyclist plows through a red light and into a motorcyclist. Both commuters appear to be relatively unhurt, though this isn’t always so. In 2015, motorcyclists and bicyclists accounted for 32% of SF commuter fatalities in 2015. (For information on hotspots for bicycle injury in SF, check out this handy Vision Zero interactive map.)

2. Motorcyclist T-Bones Taxi

Tel Aviv is known for aggressive driving. The motorcyclist in this clip attempted to pass the backup in his lanes by rushing through, but failed to realize that the oncoming traffic turning left would get in his way.

3. Road Rage — When Bad Turns Worse

One of the most extreme videos of road rage we’ve ever seen. In cases like this, Nexar’s recordings can come in handy as evidence.

4. Hit-and-Run on the Bay Bridge

This video shows a driver who is actually escaping from a previous hit-and-run, colliding with one of Nexar’s users and then speeding off. The drivers in this video are extremely fortunate that this event didn’t result in injury or worse. Illegal maneuvers, like speeding, caused 68% of collision fatalities in SF last year. A recent report found that traffic crashes comprise half of all trauma victims treated at SF General Hospital from 2014–2016, costing more than $100 million in those years.

5. Turn Gone Bad

As Nexar’s AI develops through deep machine learning and communal use, it will be able to warn drivers in advance of various haphazard events. In this clip, the offending car’s trajectory is different from that of a car simply changing lanes. Nexar will be able to tell the difference, and warn you to brake.

6. Ending on a High Note

Finally, some innocent animals to end this harrowing post.