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Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

I have always loved Las Vegas, ever since my first visit to celebrate my 7th birthday with my family (Yup, 7th). That’s what makes Nexar’s recent rollout in Las Vegas particularly exciting. While we have a few impressively average poker players (here’s looking at you Rachel) at Nexar, our love for Las Vegas goes far beyond the glitz and glamor of the Strip.

We are thrilled to have a strong partnership with Nevada CAM, the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility. The goal of our partnership is to generate data covering 250 million miles of road on a weekly basis in Nevada by 2022. This data will help create an interactive map that will give drivers, government officials and others real time information about Nevada roads, ranging from potholes to changing traffic lights to changing traffic patterns and infrastructure issues. This new map will help people better understand and move on, around, and between Nevada roads.

As part of our current launch in Las Vegas, we are offering full rebates on a very limited number of compatible (and Vegas heat-compatible) dash cams for drivers in Las Vegas. When used together with our app, these dash cams will help restore peace of mind to drivers, along with automatic detection, recording, and saving of dangerous events on the road.

So Las Vegas, this is the time! Click here and join us as we work to change the way we drive and view mobility.